About the Ministry


Being an instrument to see...

Harmoniously Inter-connected, Inter-guided, Inter-caring generations in which Goodness of God is exhilarated and echoed, positive value heritages threaded, life and holistic human development sustained.

Mission Statement

Legacy ministry exists for...

Transformation and development of Youth and Children in Heart and Attitude (including parenting) through the power and leading of the Holy Spirit based on God’s Truth, Biblical Principles and Positive Values, resulting in rootedness of spiritual formation, character building, diligence in work, healthy family establishment and responsible leadership with servant hood spirit in Ethiopia and beyond.

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Our Objectives

Transformed Youth and Children

Discipled young people that can be fruitful in taking responsibility with God’s fear and servant leadership spirit, echoing & yarning His goodness to following generations based on Biblical truth and fathers’ positive Values.


  • Salvation, personal transformation and spiritual formation of youth that heads towards pro-Life and healthy family establishment
  • Holistic protection and care for infants/children from womb up, directed towards development of character that leads to responsibility taking posture

Preserved Spriritual Hertiage

Encouraging Spiritual leaders to rescue generations while narrowing the gap between Fathers and Children


  • Reformative Biblical values promotion (to generations) as Fathers’ and Children’s hearts interweave
  • Encouraging Spiritual fathers and leaders to diligently participate in fulfillment of Legacy objectives to rescue generations from the Evil one, while leaving behind fear of God and Biblical values heritages;

Service Directions and Strategy

Service Delivery Directions

  • Exemplary prayer engagement followed by encouragement of prayer network establishment and participation of the passionate hearts for generations at country level and worldwide
  • Facilitation of personal Christian life strengthening of the youth through focused Bible study materials and related short teachings/trainings for possible revelation of the same with good testimony in society like salt and light
  • Organizing of youth counseling centers and facilitation of camping sites for young people including their adult ministers as appropriate
  • Capacitating of spiritual fellowships of born again Christian students in the vicinity of their learning/schooling establishments
  • Working diligently to produce short biblical literatures/books and facilitate related short teachings/trainings to capacitate parents/caretakers to live exemplary life while raising up their children within biblical principles
  • Creation of Cultivators’ Transformation and Development Center where spiritual born again youth and young adults get capacitated for further promotion of positive change within faith community and beyond
  • Alert Christian faith communities so that biblical genuine worship is more revealed through concern and provision of support to orphans, single mothers and disabled within their context
  • Conducting of research and assessment in the areas of neglected Christian and Fathers’ Positive values and use of findings to challenge all concerned for possible revival and restoration of genuine values using Christian multimedia and special gatherings
  • To work towards Fathers’ and Children’s Hearts interweaving to narrow possible gaps between generations as appropriate

Working Strategy

  • With Local churches, Church Denominations, Christian Youth Fellowships/Unions, Local Church Fellowships, Para Church Christian Organizations/Institutions, Christian Educational institutions and Medi
  • Meet Legacy objectives through Training of Trainers approach; work with Schools especially those Christian oriented, to establish appropriate clubs with focus on values & ethics
  • Work in partnership with appropriate Christian bodies to facilitate Camping’s and Youth Revivals
  • Network and cooperate with volunteer Christian Medical Professionals to facilitate Youth counseling undertakings and establish centers to attend to those facing various challenges

Core Values



Human Dignity

Heart for Generation


Relying on the Holy Spirit


Gentleness and Respectfulness

Spiritual Diligence


Biblical World View